Best Pizza in the World

Trying to find good pizza in a small town is nearly impossible. A new pizza place opened up here and so with a few friends, we tried it out.

Nothing to rave about and I was disappointed.

In my entire life of nearly 70 years, only three places have made what I consider the best pizza in the world, two in Seattle and one just north in Lynnwood.

Northlake Tavern

Northlake Tav is just a tiny ways away from the University of Washington, for those 21 and over. They pile on mounds of toppings on top of a proper crust (not too thin and not too thick) and hot and bubbly right out of the pizza oven. Even when we moved to Lynnwood, we would drive the 25 miles south just to get this pizza.

My second choice is the Italian Spaghetti House and Pizzeria, which sadly no longer exists. This was right in my own backyard, just down the street and around the corner from my house. I celebrated my 18th birthday there and my parents and I would make a late night stop for pizza after watching Johnny Carson together. The chef’s name was Ilio, which I named my little dog.. actually Keiki Ilio, which also meant “little dog” in Hawaiian. It was a great place with wonderful handmade pizzas that always tasted fresh. A huge loss to the neighborhood when it closed.

The last one is Sparta’s in Lynnwood. When I lived in Lynnwood, we spent a lot of time at Sparta’s. Great pizza, excellent salads and wonderful cheesecake.

Sparta’s Pizza

The main pluses of all three of these places is that they never changed. They stayed true to their design for decades of existence. You always knew you could get what you came for when dining there. Consistency was the key.

Three Good Things

1. Progressing well in my French lessons. Just hoping I can retain it all.

2. Hot fluffy baked potatoes… with butter, sour cream, cheese sauce and bacon bits. 

3. This week is the trial week for the oxygen therapy that hopefully will heal the radiation ulcer on my leg. I think we are getting the hang of it.

Three Good Things

1. Watching a movie again after not seeing it in a long time and forgetting how good it was.
2. Finding clothes you forgot you owned. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. Now I just need somewhere to go to wear them.
3. Getting my craft supplies re-organized so I can get back to work on them.

Three Good Things

1. Childhood comfort food… this is my list.. Kraft mac and cheese, Chef Boy Are Dee Spaghetti, pink and white frosted animal crackers, popcorn, Grandma’s tea, ice cream (although right now it’s orange sherbet)
2. Getting my hair cut and finally getting the exact hair cut I wanted. Tammy cut it yesterday and it’s perfect. I love running my fingers through my hair.
3. Watching old movies… we watched three “On the Road” movies that starred Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.

Three Good Things

  1. Two steps closer to get oxygen therapy for the radiation ulcer on my leg. The doctor filled out the prescription and faxed it to the company. They called and said they will be sending us the supplies soon, and for free (would have cost us at least $50 a week just for the oxygen boot)… they asked us to beta test the product and document the results for their appeal to Medicare to cover the cost of this treatment for all patients. There are so many, especially elderly parents, who deal with these kinds of wound from diabetes, cancer or just tissue break down due to old age. So this was very good news!
  2. Day jammies. I have them in 8 different colors and have been wearing them since 2006, they were really helpful when I was in treatment for cancer. I wish I could find more like these.
  3. My long Boho sundresses and glad that it’s finally warming up enough to wear them again.137133001

Three Good Things

I didn’t do this yesterday, because I was so frustrated, tired and in pain that I couldn’t think of three even okay things let alone good ones. But today is better.

Three Good Things

1. Pink cookies… frosted animal cookies and strawberry flavored wafer cookies

2. My grandma’s favorite orange pekoe tea. I suddenly smelled it the scent of it the other day and knew I had to get some. We would often have tea together while we worked on genealogy.

3. Mrs. Brown’s Boys DVD’s arrived today. I need some laugh time.

Three Good Things

1. some of the carpets were cleaned today
2. it was warm enough to open the deck slider and let in some fresh air
3. reached the doctor to get a prescription for topical oxygen treatment for the radiation ulcer on my leg. Hopefully we will hear from the company that provides the supplies for this soon.
Bonus good thing.. Talked to my step brother on the phone tonight, it’s been several years since we had talked last.