Every Day in June: Prompt is Poem

Perfect love perfect trust

Candles softly glow

A furtive prayer

A glistening tear

Too often, too many, often flow

Faith and trust

I did, we did

But it didn’t matter

Darkness, light

Brightest star in the night

What a sight to behold

First hello, last smile

Child gone, spirit here

Grieving lasts a long long while

Limits, blessings, contradictions

Fear no evil, you are with me

Flood me with peace, set you free

Life is short, death is forever

Buried, marked, say goodbye

Candles, flowers, memories, poems

And still no answer to “why?”

What would you like to learn if you had the chance? (Every Day In June)

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash


I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp or the cello. The cello is my number one favorite musical instrument. I love listening musicians such as Yo Yo Ma or Tina Guo. I was thrilled when my daughter took up the cello but after a year she switched to the violin because it was much easier to carry and she got tired of lugging the cello around. I attempted to learn to play the violin in the fourth grade, but I didn’t do very well and didn’t get very far. Both of my children played it much better than I did. I know my grandfather, who also played the violin, would have been thrilled.

I would also love to learn to play the piano. I attempted that too, even buying an electric piano keyboard and a computer program to teach how to play. I think I would do better with it now than I did then.

Tree of Life

No one had ever climbed the tree of life by going straight up the trunk, simply using the branches as irregular steps. Many have tried but you get to part where the tree no longer goes in a direct line.
Standing at the base of the tree on the ground and looking straight up to the heavens, it looks like an easy climb to the top. But half way up your climb reality hits and you realize you have some choices to make. Will this branch hold your weight? Would that direction be a fast way? After you select which direction you will take, and climb more, you suddenly encounter and limb that isn’t quite as strong as you had anticipated. It cracks, and then it cracks again. Oh no… now what should I do, you think. But fate has taken that decision literally out of your hands as the branch breaks and you fall back down to the ground.
With only your ego bruised, you pick yourself up again, dust off your hands and look back up the tree. This time you climb a little slower, a little more careful. Checking the strength of each branch before venturing forth. Picking your route with a little more care. And, then, a revelation hits and you understand that journey up the tree is nearly as important as destination.
So you stop and you look around at your surroundings. You notice this tree has flower buds on the ends of the thin branches. A glance in another direction shows that there is a bird’s nest with two birds watching your progress with great interest, wondering if you pose a threat to their new home.
And then you look down. You see the ground covered with fine green blades of grass, and then you are astonished at how far you have come from the time you started climb this tree of life.
Looking up, you wonder if there is anything else up there as comfortable as where you are now? Is getting to the top all there is? Would it be worth it? Why not stay right here and watch the buds open in their pink tipped glory? Why not help guard the bird’s nest and hope to be rewarded with the privilege of seeing the baby birds chip their way out of their eggshells?
Sometimes the best decision you can make while sitting on this particular branch of the tree of life, is to just stay right where you are and appreciate the view.
Cindi Wafstet© May 25th, 2006


Based on my studies, observation and experience, there are four basic “hungers” that people have, and these four are usually denied, judged, condemned using fear and guilt for anyone who wants to learn or experience them: food, sex, education and acceptance.

Achieving Dreams (Every Day in June)

I have always been a list maker, even when I was a child. I’d make lists of books I wanted to read, books I wanted to write, places I wanted to go, things I wanted to try.

I still do this, although my lists have gotten longer.

At one point, I added goal making to my list making. I set goals and broke them down into action steps and then broke those down into even more detailed steps.

After a while I discovered I was spending all of my time making lists and goals and action steps, but I wasn’t accomplishing anything at all. No work was getting done.

When I sat back and reflected on this, I realized I accomplished much more by just going with my gut and when opportunities arose, by jumping in with both feet and just running with it. 

If I overthought things and planned too much, nothing happened. When I just let it happened, it seemed to the right thing for me to do at that time.

I still make lists. But I’m no longer obsessed with it. I’ve decided that if it was meant to happen for me, it will.

Handling Stress (Every Day in June)

How well do I handle stress? Does anyone really handle stress well?

I think it depends on what is causing the stress as well as other things going on in your life.

If I haven’t slept well, I’m less likely to handle stress than if I had a good night’s sleep. I’ve also recently discovered that if I have carbs or sweets within four hours of going to bed, it can hamper my sleep and stress is even harder to handle the next day.

So it’s true, that diet and sleep are important in dealing with stressful situations.

But I think it’s more than just that. For instance, does the stress cause me to be frightened or anxious? Does the stressful situation make me angry or frustrated? Where it comes from can make a difference in how I am able to handle it and how I find a solution for it.

For the most part, that’s my goal.. to find a way to solve the situation and move on. But first I have to learn the cause, and then the affect, and then I am usually able to find a way to solve the problem. In most cases it works. 

Food Bloggers

I know of no one who likes this. So why do food bloggers insist on showing 7 different pictures of the dish from 7 different angles, as well as a long story about how it all came about. I can understand a short story, but when you have to scroll clear to the bottom of a long story and multiple pictures you have to wonder if the recipe is even worth it!!

Who came up with this idea and then decided it was a good one?

Please, just give us the recipe and a few pictures that show prep.

Good, Bad and Change

“My thing is the best. Your thing is the worst.” “Moreover, if you do not love my thing in the same way, to the same degree, and for exactly the same reasons that I do, you are doing it wrong.”
I am seeing this attitude more and more all the time. I am a member of many esoteric-type sites and forums, for people who are usually a minority, but many of those people there still have this attitude. Life changes fast. In fact, an old saying is “the only constant is change”. I hear a lot of people say, “I haven’t changed, everyone around me has changed”. But all you have to do is look at photos from when you were a child, you can see you have clearly changed. Even your beliefs and attitudes have changed over the years even if you haven’t recognized it has.
I understand the basis of why people favor the things they like and reject the ones they don’t. It all has to do with our personal comfort zones, with “this is the way we’ve always done it” and “this is the way I am”. It’s easier to stay in that comfort zone with the things we understand than it is to extend our reach to learn about other people and different things. Doing so might make us question our beliefs and that is not comfortable. So we ask, beg and demand that others follow our thing and reject their own, without regard of the fact that it might not be right for them. If it’s not right for us, it’s not right for anyone. Or if it’s right for us, it must be right for everyone. “If everyone would just abide by our own beliefs, the world would be alright.” But it doesn’t work that way. Forcing people to believe what you do doesn’t create a world of authentic people, it creates a lot of frustrated, depressed and angry people. It seems, to me at least, that the words “compromise”, “communication” and “consideration” are words that are rarely used anymore. Everyone needs to select one side or another. Seeing both sides of a question never seems to be an option. At this day and age, when information is right at our fingertips, it’s a shame that we don’t educate ourselves more than we do. It looks like people know more about the Kardashan’s than they do about the people who actually live around them. They judge others based on the opinions of someone else. Is it any surprise that there is so much hate and violence in the world? It can change, but it starts with us. We can’t expect others to “fix” the problem. We are all part of the problem. We all can make a difference.

Meals (Every Day in June)

I remember when I was a young child, we ate dinner around the dining table sometimes, but that was usually when my grandparents were visiting. Other times, my siblings and I sat at the kitchen counter. There were bread-boards that pulled out and we had three stools to sit on. I do remember one time my mother let my sister and I eat at our play table with toy dishes and pots and pans.

When we got older and moved to a new house, there was no eating area in the kitchen, but it didn’t matter since the three of us were teenagers and tended to eat on the run anyway. The only time we all sat around the dining room table was for special occasions and when we had company.

Fast forward fifty years, and I am now retired. I mostly eat while sitting at my desk while working on the computer. Probably not the healthiest thing to do, but it works for me.

Change (Every Day in June)

I like to think that I’m fairly well informed and up to date on things, and that I’m pretty adaptable to change.

I just learned that may not be the case. 

One of my forms of entertainment is playing various games on Facebook. I had noticed that over the past two years, a lot of my favorite games have either stopped supporting the game or just closed it out completely. Today I learned way. 

Adobe is phasing out the flash player that so many games depend on, by mid 2020 at the earliest. This was announced 2 years ago and I just now learned about it.

None of the games I play have mentioned this, except for one and they announced a brand new version of their game on a new platform which will start the first of July.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. This is a very creative game that I’ve devoted a lot of time and some cold hard cash because I feel it’s important to support the games I play. While some of the old game will be transferred to the new platform, most of it will not.

I’m already grieving that what I created will soon be gone. That happened 10 years ago when a similar game just pulled the plug suddenly and without any notice.

I know nothing is forever. I just had hoped this would have lasted a little longer. I realize this isn’t the game companies fault and I totally understand why Abobe is getting rid of flash… as good as it was, it also has had a lot of problems.

It’s the unknown that I have the most problems with. And in regards to games and flash, it’s not knowing what will happen with the games, as well how will this affect things like You Tube and streaming music, although I suspect they have the already covered. 

Change. Not my favorite topic.