Discover Prompts: Light

As soon as I saw this prompt, I thought of “Lights”… the song by Journey. I triggers a lot of wonderful memories for me… most people think of San Francisco when it mentions “on the bay” and I do too… especially one spectacular birthday that I spent in San Francisco the year I turned 19. Sitting on the beach right by Hyde Street Pier, at dawn “when the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay…. after trying to get to Altamont for the Rock Festival, but we got lost, so we spent the evening at Filmore listening to The Grateful Dead.


I’ve also seen many sunrises over Golden Gardens Park in Seattle… Although technically not a bay, Puget Sound is a body of water and that’s close enough. In my late teens and early 20’s, Golden Gardens was “kid central” where we all hung out… kids from multiple high schools around the north end of the city. We stayed up all night and the lyrics of a song by the Eagles comes to mind, “Heartache Tonight”… “This night is gonna last forever. Last all, last all summer long Some time before the sun comes up the radio is gonna play that song!” We cruised the parking lot, made out in the woods (called ‘watching the submarine races’, flirted with cute boys and we often had drag races in the parking lot.


And lastly, it reminds me of where I live now, facing Discovery Bay just off of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Because I am a night owl, I often watch the sun come up.


Tale of Two Mornings

Aug 29, 2002
I thought I would share my observations of this morning and yesterday morning…

Both days I was up before dawn… actually on both days, I have been up all night.

Yesterday morning I was in awe of the golden brilliance that the
sunshine showed as it crested over the hills on the peninsula. It looked like a shiny gold disc hanging off of a charm bracelet, and I knew I had to get some pictures of it.

As I walked across the street to the edge of the bluff, I could see the reflection of the morning sun on the water below me. It was almost like the disc had broken and skidded and skipped across the waves toward me. It was a visual reminded of why we moved here and it took my breath away.

Walking back to the house, the chill in the air and the dampness from the dew reminded me of those cold mornings when we went camping. The delicious shiver when you first crawl out of your sleeping bag, then immediately wake up as you splashed icy cold water on your face, the steaming cup of hot cocoa that seemed to taste much more chocolatey outside, and the smell of bacon cooking over an open fire.. All of those memories came back to me in all of my senses, with the sense of smell coming the strongest….

This morning, as I walked towards the bluff, I was aware of the
differences between the two mornings. In the distance I could hear the foghorn blaring it’s slow, low and lonely sounds. Fog and clouds seemed to be trapped between the top of the hills across the bay and the water below. A sailboat floated quietly with fog circling it in emphasis. I found this morning’s pictures much more interesting.

Walking back to the house, I noticed that the chill didn’t feel quite as cold and the dew not quite as damp.

This morning was more silver compared the golden glow of yesterday. I think I like the silver better……