To The Future

Too many people don’t take the younger generations seriously and they need to start doing so. It’s their future that we are infecting and affecting.
The teenagers of this country pulled a huge “prank” on Donald Trump and his egocentric rallies. I never occurred to Trump that there would be people who wouldn’t jump at the change to attend this insane rally.
These are just the latest. Add in the teens who organized BLM protests all over the planet, kids working for gun control so they can go to school without getting shot like the Parkland students.
And Greta Thunberg and others like her who are activists for climate change.
Teens are getting involved with #MeToo so they don’t have to deal with sexual assault like their mothers and grandmothers.
And they are getting involved with promoting social distancing and face masks during Covid 19.
These kids have had to give up a lot over the past 4-5 years, most recently the high school experiences that the rest of us all took for granted… proms, graduation, time with their friends.
But they hold the future in the palm of their hands and they are NOT going to let a gross dirty old man take it away from them.
Cheers to you, kids…. many of us are rooting for you and your successes!!

Reminiscences: Musings in Memoir — Prompt #2: Green

Two thoughts came up for when with this topic….

First is the ecology and climate change and the other is “greening” my diet with a more vegan/vegetarian eating plan.

person holding a green plant
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I’ve been an ecological activist in what little I can do as a homebound disabled person. I use canvas bags instead of plastic or paper when I do go out shopping. I request the least amount packaging when I order from Amazon and other online sources. I use glass containers instead of plastic baggies. I avoid flushing my toilet anymore than I have to using the adage “if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down” (it helps living alone). I use a bidet to limit the amount of toilet paper I use it. I don’t shower every day (being stuck in a wheelchair means I don’t sweat much). I do what I can. It may not be a lot, but it’s something. I don’t want to take our planet for granted or assume that our climate isn’t going to get worse. It is. It already is.

I use to be a huge meat eater. In the last few years, that’s as gone down quite a lot, eating meat only a few times a week. After watching several videos about the meat industry and Covid 19, I realized I just couldn’t eat meat any longer. I knew all of this, but it’s amazing what you can ignore when you are in denial. I couldn’t deny it any longer. I stopped eating pork, beef and chicken, but still eat dairy, eggs and fish and seafood, so I guess I’m classified as a vegetarian, but I’m also exploring some vegan meat replacement products. Do I miss meat? Yeah, sometimes I get a craving for barbecued ribs or grandma’s fried chicken. And I’m pretty picky about vegetables, but I’m actually doing okay with all of this; lots of salads, spinach and veggie stir fries.

abundance agriculture bananas batch
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