I don’t believe in the concept of “sin”, but I like the way this is presented.


*NOT a sin – feeling sexual attraction, sex with consenting partners, masturbation, consuming pornographic media, having several sexual partners, sex before marriage.
*IS A SIN – when the person projects lust onto an unwilling recipient person and does not take into account their wants or consent. Rape, harassment, sexual assault, catcalling, dick pics.

*NOT a sin – food, enjoying food, cooking, eating sweets, eating meat. In the larger sense, accumulating material things you enjoy, like books or collectables or whatever.
*IS A SIN – when it deprives other people of what they need.

*NOT a sin – Wanting things you see other people have, like money, power, fame.
*IS A SIN – When this is how you define people, and stop respecting them as humans. It’s a sin when you use them for what they have and what they can bring you.

*NOT a sin – Wanting financial security, working hard for the things you want.
*IS A SIN – When your own financial growth depends on keeping other people impoverished and suffering.

*NOT a sin – Being proud of your accomplishments, liking your looks, dressing up
*IS A SIN – When it stops you from accepting your faults and seeing how you can be wrong, not admitting that you can better yourself.

*NOT a sin – Righteous anger at situations, being mistreated, seeing other people suffer, at the injustice of the world. Self-defense. Revolution.
*IS A SIN – When violence towards defenseless people, hitting your partner or your kids,. Violence fueled by intolerance and bigotry.

*NOT a sin – Resting. Sleeping. Taking a day or a year off. Being unproductive. Playing video games.
*IS A SIN – When you stay inactive when action is required. When people need you and you do nothing.

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Sadly, too many of those who claim to be Christians…. god-fearing (a term that makes no sense), bible-believing (yet haven’t read it) and who break every one of the 10 Commandments, but demand that others abide by them… they see the part that isn’t a sin as a sin and ignore the rest.

And do they really want us to do “unto them” what they are doing to the rest of us? Doubtful.

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