Trump’s Dream of a Civil War

Trump supports the idea of a civil war between white and black.


1. War is good for business

2. A war could allow him to issue a national emergency to stay in the presidency longer than Nov 4 or Jan 21st.
3. All the great presidents had wars attached to their legacy
4. He is a little boy playing soldier

5. He loves the idea of being able to push buttons to get people obey.
6. A war is just the start of repealing the 14th and 19th amendments which would allow the white supremacist males to take over.

7. A war could help to make conservative Christianity the law of the land.
8. Trump has always been a White Supremacist
9. Trump has always been a bully
10. Trump will do anything (lie, cheat) to stay in the White House.

11. Trump loves being in power.*

*Although Trump doesn’t like doing the work a president needs to do, he loves the power and control that comes with being president. He will destroy this country if he gets another four years.

His followers don’t care. All they see is getting what they want: banning abortion, forcing Christianity on the country, a win for the party, a civil war, the opportunity to play soldier and shoot people without having to actually join an army and obey orders.

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