Recipe of the Day: Root Beer Floats

Summertime at my house when I was growing up meant root beer floats. I remember the excitement when dad brought home bottles of root beer and mom got out the vanilla ice cream. One year, dad decided to make homemade root beer from scratch. It was a lot of work so that was the one and only time it ever happened.

Root Beer Floats

1 pint vanilla ice cream
2 quarts root beer

Hang a large well packed sloop of vanilla ice cram on the edge of a fountain glass or other tall drinking glass. Fill 3/4 full with root beer. Catch any overflow on a small plate. Serve with straws and parfait spoons and don’t forget to knock the ice cream into the root beer and watch it fizz up as the ice cream floats. Yummy! This is the simplest and most favorite of fountain drinks.
Makes 4 servings

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