I wrote this in April of 2016, but  didn’t share it online until December of that year. It was just a story about what I was afraid would happen if Donald Trump won the election. This was all based on the research I had been doing on Trump since 2010. And he has done many of these things. The clues were all there.



This is just the beginning.. it’s war on the poor (including all those who voted for him), the “poorly educated”, the non-Christians, the wrong Christians, the non-whites, the gays, the older citizens, the disabled, and women….

The candidate that many wanted but most dreaded won the election. A lot of people wondered how, but his supporters didn’t care. As long as he won, that was all that mattered to them.

A lot of people knew that no matter the outcome of this volatile campaign, that there would be hell to pay, with lots of violence, riots and deaths. And that immediately came to pass.

Although he didn’t come right out and say the words, the new president’s many rants led his followers to believe they were of the same mind concerning gun rights and perceived minorities. After the president was sworn in, they took off in packs, heavily armed according to their interpretation of the 2nd amendment, looking for their prey, the first being any people of color. The others would come later.

In large cities and small towns all over the country, groups of white men carrying guns stalked the streets looking for any excuse to shoot someone. And they didn’t have to look far. This is what they had been waiting for and living for; the right to destroy anyone that threatened their way of living. Most of them claimed to be good Christian men, but not all, and those who weren’t, kept quiet about it, all they wanted was the right to kill someone they didn’t like, anyone who didn’t agree with them. America was, after all, a white Christian country and they aimed to take it back to that.. Back when the United States was the great nation it was before. Although, not a one of them could tell you exactly what that meant; before what?

Reports started to flood the network and local news of mass shootings in New York City and Los Angeles and in little podunk towns that no one ever heard of. Shots fired at mostly people of color… Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, Eastern Indians, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, with cries of “go back where you came from”. But it was too late. Most of the people shot were now dead, with a few white folks caught in the cross fire.

Reporters scrambled to get where the action was and sent in graphic video footage of the carnage. The public watched in fascinated horror, unable to look away. At first these attacks seemed far away… in places a great distance from their own homes, until suddenly it wasn’t.

Word came by neighbor to neighbor that a local gang had broken down the doors of a mosque and a synagogue in one town and executed every man, woman and child in each building. In another town, a similar attack happened at another mosque and then the “good” Christian men set fire to the building and cheered with joy as it burned to the ground.

Stunned, people all across the country could not tear themselves away from their TV’s and cell phones. They couldn’t believe that this kind of thing was happening in their own backyards. News stations started condemning the attacks as well as the President for not saying anything about them. It seemed that in his denial of Americans dying all over the nation, the President was condoning and encouraging the small self-described militias for carrying out the carnage.

When the President finally did address the issue, it was not the shootings or militias that he threatened, it was the media. He warned the press to watch their words and in no way criticize the president and his administration. When members of the press reminded him of the freedom of speech that the constitution protects, the president went ballistic and screamed that HE was the constitution and he would revoke the freedom of speech “just like that”, as he snapped his fingers.

Members of the press voiced their outraged at the president’s audacity. Angry, they picketed the White House and presented their disgust on social media. The president reacted by having the most vocal of the press arrested for sedition.

Then he insisted, demanded, that a new bill repealing the Freedom of Speech amendment in the constitution be passed. Most members of the press thought this would never happen, but they failed to take into account that the president’s own party, all people (read: men) made up the majority in both the House and Senate. When two members of the Supreme Court suddenly became ill and died with days of one another, the president nominated two replacements that were approved so quickly, most people were unaware that it even happened. He had no trouble getting this bill passed as well.

People all over the country were stunned, in a state of shock and not just reporters and newscasters. Never in the history of this country had anyone even suggested that taking away someone’s freedom of speech. While it was true that many people used this right for selfish motives and didn’t understand what free speech actually meant, nor the history behind it; education was the better solution, not outright banning.

Some TV stations and newspapers, whose whole focus was to criticize the president and the government, suddenly, over night, found themselves closed down and locked out of the building where they worked. Other news organizations quickly edited their content to make sure their reports were pro-government, even if it meant lying and making up stories.

Shock over current events slowly dissolved to fear and then acceptance, although most were unnerved about it. They had their own families to worry about; their homes; their jobs; their lives. They just couldn’t voice their fears and frustrations and forget about their personal concerns and responsibilities. Surely, it’s only a few anarchists that were causing the problems, not real, everyday American citizens like themselves. Just the trouble makers. Law-abiding citizens wouldn’t have these same problems, no need to be concerned. They were true Americans… not immigrants. They attended church every Sunday. They donated to charity once a year.

Calls for registry for Muslims and Jews were issued, then extended to Gays, Atheists and Pagans. First needing papers, then detainment, then deportment and finally extermination.
If you round out the popular to just a small 10% of each minority group, such as:
10% of the country is Muslim
10% of the country is Jewish
10% of the country is LGBT
10% of the country are Atheists
10% of the country are Pagans
You’ve just destroyed 50% of the country’s population.

After that, calls for internment camps, prison island and extermination of any one of color, of any minority race; African, Asian, Native American, Hispanic.

Following the same equation, you’ve just destroyed another 40% of the remaining citizens of the country.

Basically 90% of the country is gone to satisfy the remaining 10% who are white, straight and Christian.

Half of those are women. Taking away birth control, abortion, personal autonomy, the right to vote, work and go to school, and male entitlement of sexual assault and rape, and you are left with 5% of the country making all of the choices and decisions for what is left of humanity in this country.

Now you have taken away the majority of people’s rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to exist. You have taken away the rights of women to be free and equal people and reduced them down to nothing more than baby-making slaves.

What do you have left? Is your country “great” again? Let’s see…

Women at the mercy of men’s lust with no way to protect themselves, no way to make a living, most likely left pregnant, traumatized, homeless and hungry. Bringing in countless, unwanted and uncared for children living on the streets. Which will lead to more crime and more killings as it comes down to the survival of the fittest.

Not enough for anyone to eat because the Straight, White, Christian Men have destroyed the work force that was used do the planting and harvesting of crops, deliver the produce for processing, and finally to grocery stores to sell. No drivers for the trucks, no one working in the plants, no one selling in the stores. All of these businesses have gone out of business, closed and boarded up.

Just to feed the control and power of their God named Greed.

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