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Last night I have a very erotic, sexy, almost extreme dream and I loved every minute of it. But I’d never want to have it happen.

That’s the beauty of fantasies. You can experience, in a figurative way, things that you would never do in real life. Mostly.

I think sometimes there are sexual fantasies that would be fun to experience, maybe with limits. How many people would really like to do some very extreme kinky sex that could potentially kill them?

I use to see that on Collarspace all the time.. “looking for a sub with no limits, willing to do whatever I tell them to do, no exceptions.”

Wow! That’s scary. But I also wonder of those were just merely fantasies of the writer. Would they really want the responsibility of someone who says anything goes?

I see fantasies as exploration. What if? And could I do try that? Would I try to that? Do I really want to do that?

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