“I Don’t Care”

These three words sum up the total apathy that is happening in the world these days.

I saw a conversation on a local social media site where someone asked “are you wearing a mask when you go out? Why or why not?”

One young man responded with; “No… I don’t care.” This kid is just barely out of high school and didn’t clarify if it was that he didn’t care if he was exposed to virus or if he just didn’t care of others were. I was surprised as he does yardwork for a number of the elderly residents in the neighborhood including some that are on oxygen. He must realize that if any of these neighbors became infected, they most likely would die. If he doesn’t personally care about them dying, he must care about losing a job.

I’m seeing this attitude in alot of the different issues happening today.

The protests against the quarantine that showed so many people ignoring social distancing rules and not wearing masks, because they didn’t care. All they cared about was leaving home to go to the beach, have a beer in a bar or to go to a nail salon to get their nails done. Or they wanted to get their hair cut.

The anti-vaccine movement doesn’t care if people get sick from diseases that once were eliminated such as measles. Now they are saying they will refuse to get the vaccine for Covid 19 once one is developed. It appears that they “don’t care” if their children become infected with something, forgetting that they themselves were vaccinated for childhood diseases.

Now I am seeing people who apathetic to the protests and the deaths of people who are black. It doesn’t touch them, it doesn’t affect them and all they do care about is that Nordstroms and Target are not damaged so they can go shopping.

Other than that, they have no qualms about saying “I don’t care”.

They don’t care why Colin Kaepernick kneeled in protest to police brutality of way too many black people being killed. Instead they insisted it was disrespectful against the American flag, National Anthem or the Military, without bothering to learn the real reason.

Rape is ignored because too many people, especially men, don’t care if women are assaulted because it’s “just women and that’s what they are there for”… and “rapes is just another form of sex”. Women don’t care about other women getting raped because they don’t want to give up their comfortable way of life.

Healthcare is ignored, because people don’t want to pay so that everyone can afford medical care when they need it. They don’t care if people get sick and die as long as it’s not them.

People object to others getting abortions when they need them because they insist their religion says it’s a sin. They don’t care what happens to the woman and child after they have prevented the abortion from taking place.

They insist that all people celebrate marital bliss unless they are a mixed race or same sex and then they don’t care if you can’t be married even if you want to.

I remember when someone else said, “I don’t care”….

First Lady Melania Trump Visits Immigrant Detention Center On U.S. Border

And another form of “I don’t care”…



It’s said that we have two viruses in the world right now… Covid 19 and Racism.  I say we have three… Covid 19, Racism and Apathy.

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