I was watching an older episode of Law and Order that could be completely valid for today.

A white woman moved into a black neighborhood in New York City with her children. Then she acted in the typical “Karen” mentality, calling the police on people for basically being black.

She finally got so angry that she instructed her sons to go after a black kid with a baseball bat. That kid’s father reacted in fear and started shooting killing one boy and one little girl.

The jury found them both guilty but the white woman’s reaction was “what? How can they do that? I can’t go to prison!! Don’t they know who I am?”

I’ve seen this happen way too often. People around here move into the area knowing there are deer and airplanes coming and going and then complain about deer and airplanes coming and going.

It happened in Lynnwood when a neighbor bought the house next door to me knowing there was a daycare in my house and then bitched about my daycare and spent 8 years trying to get me closed down, despite the fact that her 5 kids were at my house playing every day and I often was feeding them lunch too.

What kind of selfish idiot moves into a neighborhood knowing what is in that neighborhood and then angrily complain about what is in that neighborhood?

This is wrong at any time, but even more wrong when it’s racist in attitude.

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