Discover Prompts: Grateful

Sometimes it helps to stop to reflect on the good things in your life, to find something to be grateful for. Times are tough, there is no question about it. But there can almost always be some good thing and some benefits of a bad situation. So there are the things I’m grateful today.

silver colored heart lock bridge
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  1. That I am doing well healthwise.
  2. That no one in my extended family has fallen ill to Covid 19
  3. That I am able to self-quarantine at home and find ways to get the things I need.
  4. That my granddaughter was able to fly home from Texas where she is going to college. Because of the coronavirus, air fees are very low so getting home to Idaho was cheap and easy.
  5. That I have Internet access and my desktop computer, lap top and cell phone so I can stay in touch with friends and family.
  6. Having a good medical team and primary doctor who cares about my needs, even if she does push me to do somethings I really don’t want to do. But I wanted a good doctor, so I have to at least meet her halfway.
  7. The ability to do researching and studying to learn a whole variety of things and the time to do both. There are so many new (and old) things to learn about life, about the past and seeing ideas for the future.
  8. Wonderful music playlists to listen to as often as I want.
  9. My own movie collection to choose from when I want to watch a movie as well as all of the online options.
  10. A room full of craft supplies to explore my creative side.
  11. My beloved niece who checks up on me every day and sends me videos of what her children are doing to keep busy.
  12. Plenty of everything I need to survive, keep healthy and happy… a warm home, food to eat, things to entertain myself, things to educate myself and connections to others for my social life.

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