TMI Tuesday: May 5, 2020: How Sexy Are You?

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1. Do you have a strong imagination? Why do you think this?

I think so. I’m able to come up with story ideas, including erotica. I create collages that requires some imagination. I’m able to try new things.

2. Are you confident?

For many things, yes. I’m confident in my ability to try those new things even if they end up not being something I want to continue with. I’m confident of the things I can do and accomplish.

3. Do you consider yourself to be sensual?
a. You bet I am!
b. Eek, no way.
c. In the right moments, I can be.

In the right moments I can be. I see sensual as being aware of how things affect and interact with my five senses as well as my emotions and drives (sex, food, education).

4. When was the last time you dressed provocatively to entice flirting or attention?

I can’t even remember. I can fantasize about very sexy clothing or “outfits” and love to style them using different online apps (use to be polyvore), but I rarely actually wear those outfits. If I want to entice I prefer to be naked. I know, not very imaginative, is it?

5. How often do you think about sex?

Daily. I think about it, fantasize about it, write about it, read about it and on occasion even partake.

6. If someone called you ‘sexy,’ what would you do?

That they need glasses? Seriously, it took me years to understand that there are people who find people like me sexy and desirable. I grew up hearing just the opposite.

7. Are you comfortable with your body?

Getting there but it’s taken me years to finally accept myself as I am. Not completely. I use to hate my boobs but now I love them. I think I have a great ass. Still working on my arms and belly.

Bonus: Are you good at getting what you want?

No. I was raised to never ask for anything. And it’s still hard for me to do that. I don’t like to play games to get what I want so I’ve learned to just get what I want on my own.


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