Be Yourself


I’m seeing a disturbing trend on blog posts and web articles these days, usually written by people who have limited knowledge about the sub group they are writing about. It seems like they are basing their opinion on the observation of one person and then deciding that ALL people like them do the same thing.

I’m seeing things like…

“All Boomers Believe This”

“All Millennials Do This”

“All Muslims Will Do This”

“All Gay People Will….”

“All Republicans Are…”

Well, you get the idea. I don’t know if this is due to a lack of experience, a lack of imagination or a lack of research, but there is definitely something missing. And apparently their opinion is fact or they wouldn’t say it, right?

Of course, there is no way everyone in any sub groups will believe, do, or act exactly the same. They may have similar ideas, but ultimately they are individuals and have the right to be treated as individuals first.

I am 69 and I’m a Baby Boomer. It wasn’t anything I planned just as a Millennial didn’t plan when they were born. I am a Liberal Democrat Atheist and I have friends and former classmates who are conservative Republican Christians. I still love sex but some  friends my age are more than done with that nonsense.

I have a lot in common with my 40 year old daughter in law and my 20 year old granddaughter, but there are also many things that we see differently. Which is the way it should be!!! That’s how we learn about differences!

We all inhabit overlapping sub groups for a variety of subjects from age to race to religion to size to ability and more. We each are not just one person, we are a combination.

It’s getting tiring and annoying to see a 27 year old writer tell a 67 year old woman how she should dress or demand that certain types of clothing should be removed from your wardrobe by the time you are 30.

It’s equally annoying to see a 60 year old writer tell “kids” what to believe, think or do simply because they’ve “been there” and have the experience and these kids should learn from the writer’s experience. One problem with that. That experience belongs to the writer, not the kids he/she/they are lecturing. While you can be inspired by someone else’s experience, you really can’t learn from it until you experience something similar.

And Christian writers who demand that Muslims and Atheists and Pagans give up their evil ways because America is a Christian nation (spoiler alert: It’s not), shows more about their lack of faith and bundle of fear than the need to save someone from themselves.

So many others are simply judgmental because the writer has an underlying bias for something that the person they dislike represents. Rather than learn to deal with that, they assume that all people are like the one they dislike and therefore deserve their animosity. Most of this comes from a lack of experience, a lack of education, a lack of research and a lack of imagination and all of those can be corrected.



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