Discover Prompts: Tempo

The coronavirus, Covid 19, has changed our lives in very drastic ways. For some of us, we are adapting very well. For others, the slower tempo of life is devastating. These are the people who find themselves quarantined at home against their will.

Their reasons for fighting against the stay at home rules vary from person to person. Here is just one woman I talked to about being forced to stay at home.

“I am so bored.. I’m tired of staying home and just watching TV.”

“Why not try something else?”

“No!! You don’t understand. I want to go shopping. I want to go to church!!”

“You can shop online and most churches are doing online services.”

“NO!!! No! You don’t understand!!”

No, I didn’t but after talking to her further, it finally came out. She didn’t want to be around other people. She wanted the attention OF other people. She loved going shopping and being told by salespeople how wonderful she looked in this dress or that suit. She loved people at church making a big deal about how stylish she always looked when she attended church.

No, I didn’t understand at all. Not this need. But it was obvious that she was more concerned about getting attention and approval than worrying about herself or anyone else getting infected with this virus.

This was several days before the anti-quarantine protests started. People who only were thinking of themselves…. They wanted a hair cut, they want to go out for dinner and to a movie. Okay, I get that. People resent having to be stuck at home. They are bored. They don’t like being told what to do by someone else.

Their tempos slowed down so slow they just didn’t know what to do with themselves. They’ve never had to think of things to do for themselves, they have depended on just doing their job, something someone else told them to do (ironically) and for others to entertain them. Now left to their own devices, they are totally lost.

And bored!

I’m glad I’m more self resilient and adaptable. I grew up thinking of ways to entertain myself. I understand hating the feeling of boredom. I hate that too. But I don’t understand whining about it.

Find something to do!! There are thousands of ideas all over the place.

Because my life hasn’t changed much with the coronavirus, I’m pretty much doing the same things I’ve been doing for the 2 years. My tempo is staying steady.

I know things could get much worse before it gets better. So for know I will appreciate what I do have and not bitch because I can’t get a hair cut. Instead I try to see the other side and think…maybe it’s time to just let my hair grow out.

One thought on “Discover Prompts: Tempo

  1. You’re so right, Cindi. I’m the same – I’m never bored, and learned from an early age to enjoy my own company and to be comfortable being with and by myself. I actually like the slower tempo. It feels like a release from the pressure of being “on” all the time.

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