TMI Tuesday: April 21, 2020: Pain Play

        Artwork by Luis Royo

1. Do you like pain?

I like erotic pain and kinky pain and sexually charged pain. I don’t like medical pain.

2. Would you say you have a high or low tolerance for pain?

I have a fairly high tolerance for pain.

3. True or false: I like to receive pain during sex.

True. I do. But no all kinds. It needs to be discussed before hand.

4. Finish the sentence: I like inflicting pain during sex because . . .

I never considered myself a sadist or dominate, until I started thinking about having a male sub who I could keep naked and locked in a cock cage. So… “I like inflicting pain during sex because I like to see him squirm.”

5. What’s your preference? Why? (You must pick one)
a. Wearing nipple clamps for 8 hours
b. Receiving 20 minute spanking session using hands and paddle
c. Getting your your cock & balls smacked (only those who have testicles can pick this)
d. Heavy flogging

Well, C doesn’t apply to me, but may I please have all three of the others, please. These three are at the time of my kink list. Why? I get off on being spanked. Of course, I should be restained, since while I do want it, once it starts I’m ready to come out swinging. I love nipple clamps… my favorites are these:


You can get them in different colors with rhinestones or bells and since they are adjustable are easy to wear for long periods of time.


5 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: April 21, 2020: Pain Play

  1. Oh, those nipple clamps look fantastic. I have trouble with those screw on type ones. I don’t think my nips are quite the right shape or something. I have some fab ones with screw teeth, but no matter how either of us tried, we could never get them to stay on!

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