A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 Health: F is for Fun

So many of my health posts for this challenge has been about pain and illness. I know I’ve been through a lot, but I also know many others have as well. I believe that we are here to learn things and one of the best ways to learn is by experiencing them.

But I thought I’d go in a more positive direction this time… and talk about fun.

The definition of fun is something that brings pleasure, joy or playfulness.

I had to stop and think… what is fun and do I have any?

When I was a kid, it was easy. Pretty much everything fun… unless it was eating peas and beets and having my long hair combed out to get rid of snarls.

Fun was playing dolls with my friends, either Barbies or Tiny Tears or paper dolls.

Fun was riding from one end of the neighborhood on our bikes, pretending that we were on houses, fast powered boats or race cars.


Fun was playing group games like Hide n’ Seek, Tag, Kick the Can, or making up our own games like Invasion from Mars.

Fun was spending hours at the library, or exploring Ravenna Park with its many trails and creeks.

Life was fun then. Even in my 20’s, I found fun…. usually clubbing and dancing, but also riding my bike or jogging around Greenlake, ice skating every morning before going into work.

I found fun in parenting… dressing up my daughter like she was a little doll (and my son too, for that matter), watching them both explore and achieve and seeing the world through their eyes.




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