Holding On pt6

Semi-Erotic Fiction Based on True Events

Holding On pt5


I watched him sleep, with his eyes closed and long lashes dusting his cheek. I almost couldn’t resist touching him, tracing the crinkly laugh lines around his eyes, the dimples below his cheeks, around his lips. I knew if I touched him, he would wake up. Could I risk it? We had made love twice… can you actually call this making love when it’s someone you just met, and when you don’t even know his last name? Was I falling in love with this gorgeous man, when I didn’t want to? And was I sure I didn’t want to?

I decided to risk touching him again… would he respond? Would having sex three times in one night be too much? Only one way to find out.

I carefully and lightly, touched his eyelids, and traced down from his eyes, down the bridge of his nose and to his lips, and around his lower lip when I saw a slow smile come to his mouth. He was awake, a little anyway… I put my fingers on his lips and he opened his mouth and hungrily sucked them into his mouth and playfully bit down on them.

“Owe…” I cried, pulling my fingers back out quickly.

“That’s what you get for putting them in my mouth,” he said, laughing.

“Geez, I’m glad that wasn’t my tit!”

“Oh, you mean like this?”

He pushed me on to my back and grabbed my breast and put his mouth around the nipple sucking on it and twirling his tongue back and forth making it hard and erect.

I reached for him, but he quickly grabbed my hands, pulling them over my head and held them together with one hand, while moving his mouth from my breast to my lips, kissing them softly, lightly and then covering my mouth with his, his tongue darting in and out, his kisses getting heavier and more demanding, and his other hand back down to my other breast, teasing that nipple with his thumb and finger.

He moved his hand down to my pubic area, and teasingly and lightly touched me, just as I had done to him, then walking his fingers down through my pubic hair until he reached labia, where he softly rubbed the edges and then placed two fingers inside my cunt until he found the little button of my clitoris. Until now we hadn’t taken the time to explore this part of my inner body, we hadn’t needed to. But this time David took the time, and I thought I would go crazy just by the mere slight touch of the tip. Then he moved to the sides and stroked one side than the other with one finger. It was a good thing he was holding me down because I started to buck and then felt my eyes roll back into my head until I quieted down and didn’t move for fear I was going to miss something so delightful. I couldn’t believe something so simple felt so good.

He pulled himself over on top of me, spreading my legs apart with his own and pushing his very hard and erect cock into my waiting pussy. I hadn’t even touched him this time and he was more than ready for me. This time David took the lead and teasingly touched me ways that made me tremble, gasp and sigh.

He pinned me down, touching and kissing, but I instinctively knew he wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want, and that he would stop if I ever asked.

No music to make love to this time, just our heavy breathing and the pounding of our heartbeats. His voice in my ear is almost musical, a voice I know I would remember for the rest of my life. He whispered words of love, of encouragement, his words lingered on my soul and my heart, and I can’t decide which I am loving more.. his voice or his touch.

The intensity went from hot and heavy to soft and easy, from strong thrusts to soft, light kisses, teasing my lips, my tongue, my breasts, my nipples. He pinned my legs down, my arms, my body, it was quite obvious he wanted to be in charge this time. I happily let him. He seemed quite happy to take his time and do it all his way, and I lost all track of time, just enjoying his hard erection moving in and out, his hands everywhere, his hot kisses almost everywhere. I lost myself in his kisses. And then I lost myself in his eyes.

Suddenly he was moving faster, everywhere and when I least expected it, fireworks exploded in my body and in my head, and I felt like I had moved up off of the bed and I was floating back down with David still in me and on me and around me and touching me, and I opened my eyes see him looking down at me, smiling, my arms are now around his neck and my legs are wrapped around his body holding him to me, not wanting to ever let him go.

“Are you okay?”

“Okay? Oh, yes, very. What did you do? It was all like a dream.”

“I have some tricks of my own…” he said, his words trailing off, as he kisses me softly again. I put my hands on the sides of his face, touching him again, back to where I started.

I thought, who is this guy? He is like a magic man of some kind. Can a touch really do this much, take you out completely out of the realm of the living and to the stars, to heaven?

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