Holding On pt5

Semi-Erotic Fiction Based on True Events

Holding On pt4

We just rested there quietly, listening to the music and each other’s breathing, softly stroking each other’s skin.. he lightly rubbed my back, occasionally moving down to the curve of my ass. I stroked and rubbed his chest, using one finger to trace around first one nipple then the other. I realized he was starting to get aroused again, much sooner than I had expected. I moved my hand down to his abdomen and he almost tensed up, but it didn’t seem to be from fear, again from anticipation based on what I did before.


I lowered my hand down to his penis again, which was still limp, because it was still too soon. But I fondled it anyway and before I knew it, his cock was becoming rock hard right there in my hand and David’s breathing became almost labored. This time the music encouraged me to get right to work, it had the perfect beat for sex.

I stretched my leg over both of his legs and pulled myself up on his hips, straddling his body and guided his cock into my waiting pussy, which already warm and wet. So much for the need for foreplay, he WAS foreplay.

I closed my eyes and started to move with him inside of me, like riding a slow, sensual mechanical bull, and David started to move with me, and with the music until we were moving in stereo, slowly, slowly, rhythmically, oh, my god, so delicious.

He looked up at me with my tits pointing forward and my head back in rapture and his hands came to grab my breasts, but instinct took over for me and I intercepted them, interlacing my fingers with his, and looked down at home with an almost evil look. He groaned and laughed and almost leered at me and quickly moved his hands, with mine still in his, behind me and grasped both of my wrists with one hand. And then with a look that almost said, “deny me what I want, will you?” he grabbed my breast and sat up with me now on his lap and his penis still inside moving with me, and took my nipple in his mouth, tickling the tip with his tongue.

He released my wrists at the same time and pushed his chest to my breasts and wrapped his arms tightly around my body, while kissing and nuzzling the hollow of my neck. I moved my legs so that I could wrap around his body, marveling at how well we fit together, like a perfect puzzle.


All the while, we continued to move together, in and out, in and out, in and out. It seemed like we had been doing this for ever and I was in no hurry for it to end. Then his mouth found mine for a deep heavy kiss, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth finding my tongue, which was doing the same in his mouth. The rhythm of our hips and our mouths finally were in unison. If there ever was a sign of heaven on earth, this was it. Of all of the sex positions, this one was my favorite, no one was on top, no one was expected to be in charge or do all of the work, we worked together, even and equal in needs and feelings, and it was no surprise to me when we both achieved an orgasm at exactly the same time just as the music piece was ending. Perfection!!

We dropped our heads on each other’s shoulder, but didn’t release the hold we had one each other. We didn’t want to let go of such a magic moment. Even when his erection was gone, we still clung to each other as tightly has we had while thrusting. Then David started stroking my back with both hands and kissed me on both eyes and on the tip of my nose and pulled on my lower lip lightly with his teeth, and the pulled me closer again. We didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say.

It seemed like forever, days at least, before we both reluctantly let go over each other and laid back down on the bed, pulling a blanket over us, still cuddling, but both of us suddenly shy, unsure of what to say or do next. How do you top something like that? What do you say? Words seemed so inadequate.


4 thoughts on “Holding On pt5

    1. Thank you… although I can’t take total credit for that. I got the idea from the Cars’ song ‘Moving in Stereo’ which is on my sex music playlist.

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