In Honor of Boobday: Agnès Sorel

Every friday is Boobday, a weekly sharing of women’s breasts to prove they all are beautiful. I’m not actually taking part of in Boobday, and not sharing my own, for various reasons. But I want to honor it in my own way.



Agnès Sorel was the main mistress of the King of France, King Charles VII.

Sorel generated scandal at court, particularly for popularizing the fashion of low-cut gowns. This behavior was both imitated and scorned.
She was known for her ample bosom and took an if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it approach to her assets.
She began to wear dresses that exposed one or both of her breasts in public.
A local politician describes her dresses matter-of-factly, saying, “She wore one of those famous lace dresses that allowed her to show off her magnificent bosom.”
Agnès also made a habit of keeping her bodice unlaced so that her breasts were exposed.




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