Nine Favorite Things

  1. New pants from Holy Clothing. So far, I’ve purchased two pair of these lovely pants; one in black and one in purple. They fit like a dream and wash up beautifully and are so comfortable to wear. At first I saw them as being really expensive, until I started looking at other companies, and realize they were just about the same price as other pants. The problem is that they take a while to get here since they are shipped from India. But the wait is very much worth it.


2. Meloxicam and a Heating Pad. After 40 years of being in remission, my Rheumatoid Arthritis flared up. In the past ten years the pain became progressively worse and really got bad in the past year. I have an appointment to see a Rheumatologist in June but until then I was prescribed the drug Meloxicam. I finally have very little pain in my knee now and what breaks through now and then is taken care of with a heating pad.

3. Electronic devices. For the first time I feel I’m have backup in case my desktop crashes. I now have a laptop and have it set up with everything I have on the desktop, so it’s easy to switch over when I have to. Also now have a cell phone, one that does everything a cell phone needs to do these days (my last two didn’t). I also now understand why people get addicted to these things.


4. Social media. I find the turnabout for social media interesting. For years we’ve been told to limit our time on social media, that being on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be damaging to our self esteem, our productivity, and more. Now that we are all isolated at home, everyone is being encouraged to use social media and video services as a means to avoid depression, loneliness and isolation. Ten years ago I became frustrated with social media and closed out my Facebook and Twitter accounts and stayed off all social media other than email for six months. That’s when I realized I was truly isolated from the rest of the world. I signed back on Facebook and Twitter with new accounts and have been online ever since. There are pros and cons to everything, including the Internet and social media. I realized that it was worse not being on it… it’s what everyone using and if I want to connect with them, I need to use it too. Being online is my social life, my education, and my entertainment. I won’t again, I hope, take it for granted.

5. Ancestry. I’ve been researching my family history (and others) since was 15. That’s now been over 50 years. My grandmother introduced me to genealogy and in those days, research meant writing letters and going to the library and courthouse to search through dozens of old dusty books. We had to copy data by hand, in pencil, because these places were worried that someone would mark up a book with a pen. Some places had copy machines where you could copy a page at a time for 10 cents. These days, we don’t have to go from library to library and other archives to get our family records. Many different sites provide them… some for free and some for a fee. I appreciate that I can do research at 3am in my pajamas. I appreciate the time and effort that the employees use to digitize all of those records and makes it easy for us to find them, as well as save a record, chart or photo to our own computer or print them out. And yet, I see people have a fit because they have to pay to get “their” records and expect these sites to have their family tree completely compiled at a touch of a button, forgetting that these companies have overhead and salaries to pay just like everyone else.

6. Online games. I like to play games that create something. I am in awe of the programmers who do the coding of these colorful and creative games. Years ago, I learned how to do HTML coding and was just getting ready to learn Javascript. I was pretty proud of learning what I learned and used it to create my own webpage… until it was hacked by a stalker. But the coding that is used now is light years ahead of what I learned. And I learned just enough to be impressed with what they could do. I try to remind myself of that everytime a game has a glitch.

7. The steps that our governor is doing to help contain the Covid 19 virus. He called it “stay at home” (enforceable by law) because too many selfish people decided that rules didn’t apply to them and took off for the parks and beaches, cramming bodies next to each other like the kids on Spring Break in Florida. The governor begged, implored people to stay at home and too many ignore the requests. I’m not big on government overreach, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (to paraphrase Star Trek). How sad it is that it takes an act of the governor before people will do the right thing. In many respects, politics isn’t much different religion… no one does what they should do to help others unless there is a threat of punishment.

8. My Desktop Kindle. I love books. I love to read. Unfortunately, holding a book in my hands hurts. Same thing with pens and pencils, which is why I appreciate my keyboard too. I can download dozens of books on my kindle and read them on my monitor and my hands don’t hurt.


9. Amazon music. One of the perks of being a Prime member on Amazon is getting free music. It catalogs all of the music CD’s I’ve bought since the beginning of time, plus allows me to download unlimited amount of songs and music into my own specific playlists. I always have something to listen to that can change with my mood.

This all turned out to be an ode to my computer, but that’s okay. It is probably most favorite thing.


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