Sleeping Nude



This blog posted was prompted by a Medium article written by Angela Volkov

I discovered more than 20 years ago that I slept so much better nude than wearing pajamas or nightgowns to bed. I’ve taken my “closet nudist” a step further as I don’t wear panties or a bra during the day either. If I could, I would be naked all day long. Going commando is as close as I can get to that and not get arrested.

I can’t imagine wearing anything to bed anymore. I few times I’ve laid down to rest with clothing on and was so uncomfortable, that I had to either just bag it and get up or I had to strip down to nothing before I could rest.

I need to have the room on the cool side and even prefer to have a window or slider open year round, even if it’s icy and snowy outside. I like having multiple layers of blankets that I can either pull on or kick off as needed.

Angela’s article states:

“At night, our core body temperature declines due to the release of melatonin, a drop in metabolic rate, and cessation of physical activity. Thermosensitive cells in the preoptic and anterior hypothalamic regions of the brain receive this signal and facilitate sleep onset. Simply put, this means that when you cool down, your body knows it’s time to rest.

“While a blanket is easily shirked off in the night, this is not the case with clothing, which can easily lead to potentially disrupted sleep.”

So, I was instinctively on the right track.

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