Toilet Paper

I read something interesting that put this all into perspective for me. Most people are not stockpiling and hoarding to be selfish and inconsiderate. Hoarding is a form of OCD caused by anxiety. It can be temporary or it can be long lasting. Most of these people are grabbing up toilet paper because it’s something tangible that helps them feel more in control. It could just as easily be pizza or bottled water. In many cases they are not even aware of this behavior until later, they are just trying to self medicate in anyway they can.
I think they know they are doing it, but I don’t think they know WHY. They are reacting emotionally and that emotion is pure fear. If they stopped to think about things and rationalize it, they might not react that way. I have OCD and tend to hoard things. Fortunately, I know I do this so I’m able to step back and think about it reasonably. I’ve learned to stop and think “what’s the worst thing that could happen” and then “what’s the likelihood it will happen”. But I also know these things are easier said than done. When people hoard they are reacting emotionally in a panic. They believe the worst that they are hearing. It’s not always going to logical. I shake my head a lot of the behaviors I’m seeing and reading about. Yes, many are due to pure selfishness and greed. But some is those fears causing mass hysteria. All because of fear of the unknown. It’s easy to get angry, I know I am. But I’m also trying to understand the human behavior behind it all.

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