Where is Humanity

Just when I thought this country couldn’t get any more divisive, I’ve been proven wrong again.

First it was Christians against non-Christians (and that included anyone of another race and skin color and LGBTQ even if they were Christians, they weren’t the right kind of Christians.)

Then it was conservatives vs Liberals

And Republicans against Democrats

And thanks to Donald Trump, Trumpanzees against Never-Trumpers

Now the country is divided into three different groups because of the coronavirus.

First there is the group who wants to help others and take care of themselves so that the vulnerable people don’t get infected, if at all possible. They read, research and learn and listen to the appropriate suggestions and advice. They are the ones who live by the Golden Rule… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Second is the group who is in complete denial. They close their eyes and plug their ears and parrot the idea that this virus is just a hoax. God won’t let anything happen to them and who cares what Jesus said. They only call themselve “Christians” but they will be damned if they follow his actual teachings.

Third is the group is the most selfish. They consider themselves to be gods. They don’t care if people are getting sick and dying, they are just pissed that this damned virus is interfering in their precious lives. How dare it! Doesn’t it know who they are??? They are sick of hearing about the virus and demand that everyone stop posting about it because they don’t want read anymore about it. After all, life is all about them. I have even seen posts that say maybe we should infect anyone who is [fill in the blank]… basically people they don’t like… old people, black and brown people, gay people, Muslim people… They feel if these groups die off it’s no big loss.

They are also the group of people who will take advantage of the situation… hoarding, gauging, cheating, lying.

Whatever ever happened to humanity?????


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