Coronavirus: Covid19

I haven’t posted about this virus yet, but I’m following it very closely. And I’m writing a story about which is my normal way of dealing with scary situations.

I keep seeing people say things like.. “but the flu killed X number of people, why are we getting all jacked out of shape about this one?” First of all, Covid-19 is NOT the flu!! We have vaccines for the flu. We have treatments for the flu. We don’t have those things for this virus. Plus this virus is infecting people at a much faster rate than the various flu infections of the past do. And in most cases people are infected 5-14 days before they feel any systems, which makes it easy to infect others. Some people might be infected and never show symptoms at all, such as children.

The various treatments that might work for a cold or seasonal flu will not work for Covid-19… the flu shot, Elderberry, essential oils, herbal teas, prayer, sending money to televangelists. These things might help you emotionally feel better but they will not cure the disease. The only tried and true methods so far are washing your hands with soap and water, not coughing on people or even into the air and keeping your distance, especially from those who are already ill.

Other factors that make his virus so dangerous is that we are now a very mobile global community, we move around the planet much faster and easier than in the past. And there just simply more of us to get sick and we are living longer to an older age, and it’s the older people who are getting the sickest, which is the case in Italy.

I don’t believe that anyone should panic and hoard supplies that are needed for medical personnel, this is just making the situation worse. But we do need to keep abreast of what is going one, learning the facts, discerning the difference between facts and rumors and do what you can to protect not only yourself, but others as well. We shouldn’t take this lightly but we shouldn’t over react either.

Bottom line is that many of us are going to get this virus. Most of us will survive it. A few of us will know someone who doesn’t.

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