Holding On pt3

Semi-Erotic Fiction Based on True Events


Holding On pt2

Why the hell did this man make me so damn nervous? What was it about him, besides the fact that he was gorgeous, had the most amazing eyes, was a fantastic kisser, and I felt like electrical current was surging through my body every time he touched me… I mean, what else could it possibly be?

David pulled his car out and turned to drive out of the garage and I slowly followed him… down the ramp to the street, up Broad, down Mercer and on to the freeway headed north. And all the way towards Everett, I questioned my sanity.

What was I thinking? Was I thinking? This guy could be a serial killer. No one knew where I was going. I could simply disappear and no one would even know.

I started to formulate a plan… I could easily pull off on any exit and he wouldn’t even notice until I was long gone.

But something deep down told me it was going to be alright. That he was alright. So I continued to follow up the freeway until he got to the Broadway exit in Everett, then he turned right onto Lowell, with me right behind him. He then pulled into a small parking area in front of a large white house. I pulled in next to him and he was immediately at my car by the time I got out. He placed his hands on each side of me, pinning me to my car, and leaned down to kiss me. The air outside was cold, but the air right around us felt hot and I almost felt like I couldn’t breathe… he literally took my breath away. I had my arms wrapped around his waist with my hands on his back, moving along with his own rhythm, as if we both could hear an silent song.

He pulled away and again, laughed.

“We don’t get anywhere very fast, do we?”

Then he took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs on the side of the house to the second level. He pulled a key out of the pocket and inserted it into the lock and turned. He was right, each one of these actions seemed to take an eternity.

Once in side, he turned on a lamp and then turned on some music… some slow, quiet, jazzy music that sounded incredibly sexy, or maybe it was just the way I was feeling. While he did these things, I looked around at his apartment. It appeared to be half of an attic space, pretty much all in one room. The front half had a living area with a small couch and two chairs, two tables with lamps. Along one wall was a bookcase full of books and the music system. One the other wall was a small galley kitchen. In the back of the room, the entire back wall was a slanted multi-paned window that reminded me of New York City loft. There was a door that obviously led to the bathroom. Right under the slanted window was a large bed covered with a white bedspread. While I had been looking around, I noticed that he had lighted a few candles.. a nice touch, I thought.


David laid down on the bed across it at a diagonal, and watched me as I looked around. I saw him watching me….

“This is a really nice place!” I told him.


I was starting to get nervous again, when he suddenly beckoned me to come to him with a sly smile on his face. He was pretty irresistible.

I sat down at the edge of the bed and took my shoes off, and the cardigan part of my pink and white striped tube top and sweater set, and then I crawled over to where he was lying on his side with his head propped up by one hand. As soon as I reached the point where we were face to face, his arms went around me and mine around him, and we were comfortably kissing, first soft and easy, and then, again it became hotter and much more passionate. Oh my god, he was so delicious!!

His hands moved under my tube top which was pretty easy to do since I wasn’t wearing a bra. I could hear and feel his breathing getting harder. I moved my hands to the front of his shirt and started to unbutton the buttons until his shirt was open to his bare chest. I then moved my hands down to his belt buckle and was surprised on how easy it was to undo. I unbutton the button to his jeans and I felt, rather than heard, him groan, just a little.

He had one hand on one of my breasts and was teasing the nipple between his fingers and I felt it become hard and erect. I felt him groan again, a little more this time so that I could also hear the groan as well.

I ran one finger very lightly down from his chest to just below his naval, and down to his pubic hair, until I just touched the tip of his erect penis. This time he groaned quite loudly, let go of my breast and fell back on to his back. I think we were both enjoying this part quite a lot.

To be continued….


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