Holding On pt2

Semi-Erotic Fiction Based on True Events


Part One of Holding On

Okay, now that was probably the best pick up line I had ever heard, and I couldn’t say no.

I nodded and he led me out to the dance floor just as the band was coming back on stage.

I don’t remember what song we danced to for that dance, or for the second dance that he asked me to stay for. But I do remember the third dance… one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands; Color My World by Chicago. It was just an added bonus that it was slow song to dance; a very intimate slow dance.

When this gorgeous guy took me into his arms, I knew I was in trouble. My heart and soul just melted and I would have followed him to the ends of the earth. I could feel electricity surge through my body as his arms pulled me close and I put one arm around his neck and the other in his hand, he held closely to his chest. He was tall and I could feel the muscles of his arms and shoulders and even in his thighs. And I felt one more thing that told me he was becoming aroused. But so was I, and I still didn’t even know his name.

I could feel his lips on my neck, softly kissing me, which caused me to try to get even closer to him. Just before the song finished, he pulled away slightly to look down into my eyes… his glowing eyes almost golden. I knew then how easy it would be to fall madly in love with this man. He slowly and softly kissed me on the lips. Very quickly the kiss became urgent, pushing and pulling at the same time, and I couldn’t get close enough to him. We almost stopped moving, just barely dancing. The song ended and we reluctantly pulled apart and then he wrapped me up in a tight hug, as he whispered in my ear… asking me to go home with him. I could barely squeak out a yes. He pulled away and looked at me and asked, “Now?” I nodded and he grabbed my hand and we headed for the door.

After as we got outside, he stopped and looked around, seemly a little puzzled.

“Where is your car?” he asked.

I pointed to the Navy blue Mustang in front of us.

“Where is yours?” I asked.

“It’s up on the upper level parking, huh, area, lot…” I was beginning to see he was as nervous as I was feeling.

“I’ll give you a ride up….”

We both got into my car and I hesitated.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

I looked down at the keys in my hands and then looked over at this man, who was making me extremely nervous.

“What is your name?” I asked him, looking for a reason to stall.

That seemed to break the ice, because he laughed.

“Yeah, that might be a good thing to know. My name is David.”

“I’m Casey.”

More uncomfortable silence. Finally I put the key into the ignition and turned the car on. I looked behind me to make sure I wasn’t going to run over anyone and pushed the gear shift into reverse, looked behind me again, and back to the gear shift. And then I realized he was watching me very closely.

“I am very nervous for some reason. I hope I don’t drive us off the end of the pier.”

“I’m sorry I make you nervous, I don’t mean to….”

“Oh, it’s nothing you are doing. It’s just how I feel sitting next to you…”

I finally let my foot off of the break and slowly backed out of the parking spot, shifted into drive and cautiously pulled forward, curved around the end of the pier and up the ramp to the second level parking garage. David pointed to where his car was parked on my left and I pulled to a stop, giving him enough space to pull out of his own parking spot. I put the gear into park, not fully trusting my ability to keep my foot in the break. His hand was stretched out over the back of my seat and rested just below my neck. He was winding a strand of my hair around one of his fingers, when he suddenly pulled me back into his arms and enveloped me with a passionate kiss. My head rested on his shoulder as the kisses became hotter and harder, and his other hand started to explore under my sweater. I’m not sure how long we sat there in the dark with just my headlights on, maybe 10 minutes, when he finally stopped and said,

“I guess we should probably leave or we might never get out of here.”

I felt even more flustered, and just nodded, as I sat back into the driver’s seat. David got out of the car and then leaned back down…

“Oh, I live in Everett, is that okay?”

“Sure. Fine.” I stammered.

…. To Be Continued….

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