Starting Out in Meditation

Because a friend had mentioned how meditation helped her and said that I had thought her how, I thought I would post how I’ve taught others how to do meditate.

It’s not as hard as a lot of people assume. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position for hours for it to work. As little as five minutes of meditation can make a difference. The key is to slow down your breathing and your heart rate.

Meditation: Starting Out

I know for me, it was to take it a step at a time. At first, just choosing a place to meditate. Then sitting there with the intention of meditating.

Then finally spending just one minute meditating and working up from there. I learned these techniques when I was in therapy after my car accident, and I was afraid to drive again.

It doesn’t have to be a certain place, although that would be nice. It’s just identifying it as “my meditation place”. This can change as needed. Places could be on a couch, in a corner on the floor, outside under a tree, or on a beach, or even in the bathtub. Sometimes the best place is sitting cross legged in the middle of your bed…

I like sitting on the deck in the sun too. The beach. Walking around the neighborhood. While watching a mediation video that I have… it practically hypnotizes you… Listening to music. One o my favorites is listening to The Doors “Light My Fire” and visualizing and imagining that I am running through Woodland Park.

Sometimes just “being” is meditating. All meditation is, is the gradual shift in focusing your thoughts and attention with the intention of ignoring those obsessive thoughts, lowing your heart rate and your breathing.

When you sit and watch a fire blazing in the fireplace or watching fish in an aquarium, you are meditating.

When you zone off while watching a good movie or a great book, that is meditating.
Also when you watch waves on the beach or a sunrise or sunset.

You can use other items to focus on and it’s their simplicities that make them work so well… a candle flame, a quartz crystal, a mandala, colored lights.

You can meditate while walking, in a park, a beach or on a labyrinth… any place you don’t have to worry about traffic.

There are so many ways and places that a person can meditate….

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