TMI Tuesday: February 11, 2020

1. In the bedroom, what makes you insecure? At one time I would have said ‘everything’ but I’ve gotten better about things over time. I was insecure about my experience, about techniques and of course of my body. I still lack experience and wish I had more than what I have. I am now feeling better about parts of my body such as my breasts and butt. I still don’t like my tummy or my arms.

2. In the bedroom, what makes you a champion?

My willingness to put my partner first, while still push for my own needs to met. I tend to be sexually submissives and get off on watching my partner enjoy the control aspect.

3. When it comes to sexy time, I earn a gold medal _____ . Willingness. I am almost always in the mood for sex.

4. At the sexolympics, in which sport will you compete?
a. Artistic, synchronized water sex in the pool
b. Freestyle naked wrestling
c. Artistic naked gymnastics

c. Artistic naked gymnastics. I’m not exactly a team player with others and I am a bit of exhibitionist and love to have others watch me.

5. Your significant other’s ex is coming to town and he/she wants to go out to dinner with them alone. How do you react?
a. It’s okay, no problem.
b. Not thrilled, but go ahead.
c. Not just no… HELL no!

A. It’s definitely okay and then invite them back for a threesome… 🙂

Bonus: What kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?
a. Physical/Sexual.
b. Mental/Emotional.
c. Neither is important.
d. Both are equally important

C. Neither is important to me. Openness and honesty and good communication along with respect is much more important to me. Fidelity is too much like ownership and while it’s fun to use that in a BDSM power exchange, it’s not what I want in a equal relationship.

4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: February 11, 2020

  1. I’m not sure if I can take a “no problem” approach to #5. In the end, though, it will depend on her reasons for going out. If it is to flaunt herself to show how sexy she is and how happy she is with me, sort of a “see what you’re missing now” and “see how I’m making my man happy,” then by all means go!!!! 😊


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