Joyful Simplicities for February: Simple Abundance Book

* Invite a few friends over the Sunday before Valentine’s Day to make hand crafted paper confections for those you love at a “Cupid’s Tea”. Assemble the prettiest doilies you can find, along with wired silk ribbon, floral fabric, wrapping paper, stickers and paper. Don’t forget glue sticks and sharp scissors. Borrow some books of poetry from the library and try your hand at reviving this lost art form. Serve a heart shaped cake with pink buttercream frosting, heart shaped scones with strawberry jam, tea and sherry. Try this once, and it is sure to become a February tradition.

* Write a long wonderful love letter to yourself from your authentic self. Compliment yourself for everything you are doing right now, just the way you are now. Let your authentic self encourage you as you would a young child. Mail the letter and save it for when you’re feeling discouraged.


*This month become an incurable romantic. Read Elizabeth Barrett Browning and then delight in “everyday’s most quiet need”.

*Add a bit of lace to a dress, blouse, suit or bookshelf.

* Have you found a wonderful picture of yourself when you were ten? If you have, find the perfect frame for it and put it on your bureau or dressing table. If you haven’t yet, ask your mother or whoever keeps your family photos to help you.

* Wear perfume each day.


* Try a red lipstick

* Treat yourself to one perfect long stemmed rose.

* Listen to music that makes you feel romantic.

* Make a batch of old fashioned chocolate fudge for Valentine’s Day

* Create a Sacred Space

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

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