I first saw this on Pinterest and tracked it back first to a blog and then to Pottery Barn Teens

They call them Style Boards but PBTeen is closing them out, so even if I wanted to duplicate this idea, most of the elements are no longer available. I started thinking of all of the many things this kind of Pinboard could be used for and how I could create it for myself.

The ones in the picture are from Pottery Barn Teen and range from $14 to $18 a tile, on sale…. so to simplify things, I rounded them each to $15 since most of them are no longer available anymore.

16 tiles in four rows of four

Print Fabric-Covered tackboard includes 10 pushpins.  $15 x 4
Solid Fabric-Covered tackboard includes 10 pushpins.  $15 x 5
Dry-Erase Board includes 1 dry-erase pen and 1 eraser. $15
Chalkboard includes 5 pieces of chalk and 1 chalkboard eraser. $15
Pegboard includes 10 hooks. $15
Corkboard includes 10 pushpins. $15 x 3
Galvi-board includes 5 magnets. $15

$200 for the 16 tiles minus the molding at Pottery Barn Teens

I figured I could use Artist’s Canvas and cover individual blocks/squares with fabric, acrylic paint, corkboard sheets, chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, dry erase board sheets

On Amazon I can buy…

(updated plans)
Tackboard with pushpins
9×12 Artist Canvas $8 x 20 = $160
4 rows of five tiles:
6 painted (2 each of orange, green and yellow)
6 fabric covered (stripe, dotted, plaid, flower, check, other)
4 chalkboard (black)
4 magnetic board (rust)
Assorted fabrics for 6 (already have)
Acrylic paint for 6 (already have)
Push Pins 100 for $5
chalkboard: Chalkboard paint $8
Chalk $6
magnetic board: Magnet paint $7
Magnetic dots 250 for $15

Total $125

So, buy doing it myself, I actually save $75 plus I can use the colors, prints and fabrics I want instead of what PBTeens had for sale.

Uses for the Project Inspiration Pinboard Idea

1. Craft Projects: to keep track of craft projects… the instructions, pictures of project in progress, baggies of supplies (buttons, beads, etc), swatches of fabric, knitted or crochet gauge swatch, clippings from magazines, printouts from Pinterest and online,

2. Decorating Projects: Pictures clipped from magazines and printed out from Pinterest and Online, fabric swatches, paint chips, room layouts under glass on top of magnetic paint, cut outs of furniture with magnet tape on back to  help with rearranging furniture, lists of projects and resources (stores, websites)

3. Wardrobe Planning: clippings clothing items that you like from catalogs and magazines, lists of clothes you already have and clothes you need, list of clothes that need to be mended or redone, and that you would like to make (sewn, knitted, crocheted)

4. Summer Plans: List of events, places to go, books to read, recipes to try, holiday decorating ideas, entertaining plans, craft projects, clothing to buy, photos and postcards

5. Christmas Ideas and Plans: Decorating ideas, recipes to try, events to attend, gift giving and card sending lists, Christmas card received, photos

6. Writing Projects: NaNoWriMo plots ideas and outlines, journaling and writing prompts, quotations, photos and images for inspiration, character development, setting ideas, scrabble letters with magnets on the backs, magnetic poetry words, poems

7. Genealogy Research; one family line or surname in each block or row, old family photos, charts, maps, letters, stories

8. Family Communication; letters, cards, emails, photos, phone numbers, plans for visits, news, newspaper articles

9. Menu Planning: Menus, recipes, grocery list, photos from Pinterest or magazines

10. Scrapbook Ideas: Ideas from magazines, Pinterest, online printouts, photos each each layout in baggies, die cuts and other items to add to layout in baggies, photo copy of finished page

11. Giant To Do list: Calendar, places to go, people to see, things to do, projects, menu, grocery list, projects working on (crafts, decorating), quotes, photos, newspaper articles, letters and cards, magnetic poetry words, cartoons and jokes, books you want to read

12. Garden Plans: lists and pictures of flowers, herbs, vegetables, bushes and trees, instructions for planting and growing, pictures of growth progress, garden journal

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