40 Little Questions

40 Little Questions: To Get to Know me! I love questionnaires and lists, so here ya go.

1. What’s your bedtime? Anywhere between 3am and 5am, but it depends on how well I’ve slept the day before and what I had going on during the day that I had to be up for. There are times I’ve gone to bed at 9pm or earlier.

2. Do you like baths? Yes, but ever since I damaged my leg I haven’t been able to get in and out of a tub so it’s been years since I’ve had one. I miss nice hot bubble baths. I’m hoping eventually to get a walk in tub.

3. Favorite candy? Peanut butter M&M’s….

4. Little space age? No, I don’t see myself as a little, but I do think I could do age play and DD/lg as a scene.

5. Ideal pet? A killer whale? Can I have one please?

6. Favorite hairstyle? For years my hair was very long, down past my ass. Now it’s very very short, barely an inch over all with the top punked up. I didn’t think I’d like it that much, but I love the lightness of it and the freedom it gives me. Long hair is a lot of work.

7. Favorite food? Macaroni and cheese. And it doesn’t matter what kind. It can be my own homemade version or it can be as simple as Kraft in the blue blox.

8. Any talent? Hmmmm… Talents. I never really think I’m all that talented. Writing and collagework comes as close as it can for me, I guess.

9. Favorite song? Not normally a song, but music…. I have four that I’m hooked on right now and I’ll write more about later…. Adiemus by Karl Jenkins, Kiotoshi by Kitaro, Precious Waters by Diane Arkenstone, and Edjin duun Song by the Mongolian Altai band.

10. Favorite holiday? Christmas and Yule, with Halloween and Samhain a close second.

11. Perfect little date? Oh, wow… I have no idea. It’s been so long. Do people still gone on dates? Okay, in my wildest dreams… wearing a long black dress with nothing underneath, but a butt plug and nipple clamps, going to a ballet or play, and then to a late dinner afterwards, a far corner booth way in back where it’s dark. And then home for some serious sex.

12. Favorite weather? Rain. Thunderstorms, with wind, as long as the power doesn’t go out. After that, a snowstorm that only dumps about 5 inches of snow, as long as the power doesn’t go out.

13. Favorite little space place? Disneyland

15. Do you work? No, I’ve been retired for 20 years.

16. Favorite little accessories? Coloring books and glitter gel pens.

17. What triggers your little space? I don’t know… I guess after answering these questions I do see I have some little tendencies, but I have no idea what triggers them.

18. Favorite game? A Facebook game called Pet City. It’s like playing with dolls and dollhouses online.

19. Ideal caregiver? No idea.

20. Do you get bedtime stories? No

21. Favorite outfit? My birthday suit. If not that, then my day jammies… they are wide legged pants and matching tee shirts and I have them in almost every color.

22. Favorite activities? Reading books (including some childhood favorites), writing, needlework, collage and altered books.

23. Have any little friends? No, not that I know of.

24. Favorite stuffies? No, but there is a stuffed sloth on Amazon that I’d love to have.

25. Do you play video games? Just Facebook games.

26. Ever been little in public? No.

27. Favorite movie/show? I don’t watch a lot of TV, so it would be hard to come up with show. Movies would have be Cloud Atlas.

28. Best memory? A trip to Hawaii… all expenses paid. It provided a feeling luxury that I could never afford.

29. Do you have rules? Rules? For what?

30. Favorite snack? Popcorn with unsalted butter, Parmesan cheese, Nutritional Yeast and Benson’s Tasty Table Seasoning.

31. Who knows you’re a little? No one.. so shhhhhh….

32. How often are you a little? Not often.

33. What causes you to throw tantrums? Nah, I’m a good girl.

34. Do you enjoy art? Yes, of all kinds

35. Do you have LS toys? No.

36. Last time in LS? n/a

37. Habits you only do in LS? n/a

38. Ideal superpowers? To sprout wings and fly.

39. Do you use diapers, pacis, bottles or sippy cups? Not yet

40. What’s your big age? My chronological age is 69.

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