Nine Favorite Things

1. My number one favorite thing right now is my new cell phone. I have suddenly learned why people get so attached and dependent on these things. Because I do most everything on my desktop computer, I never really worried too much about having a phone. But one of the visiting nurses suggested with my physical limitations, having a phone nearby would be a good safety measure. I did have one, it just didn’t work. In 2015 I went to Seattle for an extended visit and decided I should get a phone to communicate easier with my friends there. So I bought a cheap; I mean, a really cheap flip phone on Amazon for four bucks. I used Tracfone for service. Both were less than ideal, but did the job. The following year, Tracfone sent me a message saying my little phone would no longer work in my area, so they were sending me a new phone. A few days later I received an LG Android. I was impressed. Unfortunately, the service was still unreliable. I could call, and text and take pictures but couldn’t really get online for much. And the customer service for Tracfone was annoying. So I let it lapse while I looked around for something new. Months and months of research and I was getting more and more confused. Now I’m not computer illiterate. I can usually figure out how to do most anything. I even taught myself HTML coding so I could created my own webpage. But the plans for phones and service were mindboggling. And then I learned that my little LG phone probably wouldn’t work with any of the carriers after the first of the year so I gave up and ordered a new phone. I decided to go through Consumer Cellular since they didn’t require a contract and bought a Samsung Galaxy A20. I have to say I’ve been quite impressed with their customer service AND with the phone and carrier service. And I’m having such a blast adding apps to my phone.

2. Instagram. Before I could just gaze from afar. While posting images to Instagram from a desktop is possible, it’s difficult to do. So now I can post my pictures easily from my phone.

3. Cold Noodle Salad. The beauty of this dish is that it’s so versatile. Any kind of pasta… the last two times I’ve made this I used macaroni, fettucini and spaghetti. Cook them up according to package directions, drain, rinse in cold water and let cool. Mix up a dressing… Mine kind of varies but tends to include; balsamic vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, and soy sauce (I use liquid aminos because it has less sodium). Sometimes I throw in a bit of BBQ sauce and Yoshida’s Teriyaki sauce, but both of those are high in sodium too, so I just use a bit. And then some red wine vinegar. Mix it up and add the noodles and mix to coat. After that just add whatever you have and want… chopped onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, green olives, black olives, broccoli, celery, or other veggies, shrimp, chicken or whatever. Let chill an hour or two and it’s ready to go. It can be served cold, room temp or pan fried and hot. It’s fantastic no matter what. 

4. Finding low salt or no salt food items on Amazon. Since I’ve had to go on a low salt diet, I’ve discovered just how much sodium is in most foods… an appalling amount. And just how hard it is to find foods with little salt or no salt in it at all. Because of my disability, I’m not able to make a lot of meals from scratch. I do eat a salad every day and make a no salt vinaigrette dressing for it. I love canned spinach, tuna fish and tomato soup and found low salt versions of those things which simplifies my life somewhat.

5. Popcorn with unsalted butter, Nutritional yeast, Benson’s no salt Table Tasty seasonings and just a bit of Parmesan cheese. 

6. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream. As I have really oily skin, yes, even at my age, I rarely need a skin cream. But it really helps when I have a flare up hives or Angioedema.

7. New Yorker Magazine. A subscription to this is pretty pricey, but I’ve decided it’s worth it. I learn something new with every issue and it feels like I’m extending my college education. Each time I discover something I didn’t know about in an article in this magazine, I google the topic to learn more and get different perspectives. It’s time well spent.

8. Essential oil diffuser. This is one is very nice, changes colors while it works and you can use your own essential oils, of which I have a large collection.

9. All of the different sites I have to post a variety of things including Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Instagram, Deviantart and Facebook. I feel like I’m sharing a part of myself. 

2 thoughts on “Nine Favorite Things

  1. Learning HTML for me was fascinating. It was like putting together a puzzle and seeing an image appear. It’s also been helpful in understand so much that I see online.


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