January Jumpstart Jan 7 Amends

Here it is just 7 days into the month, and I’ve already missed one day.

It wasn’t that yesterday was a bad day, in many ways it was a very good day, but just a very busy one. Two doctor appointments with tests, good results on the tests and a great dinner with the best French onion soup I’ve had in a really long time. I’d go back just to get that soup again.

Today I’m paying for it… the more I am on my feet, which isn’t a lot, and it doesn’t seem to take much these days, I end up feeling a lot of pain the next day. When I’m out and about, I’m in a wheelchair, but there is still in and out of the car, in and out of the wheelchair, stand up, sit down, rah rah rah…. And I am learning that most restaurants are not set up for wheelchairs to maneuver in and out of, so I have also learned it’s just easier to walk into the restaurant, as long as my companion can park close to the door. But when you don’t and can’t walk much, that short walk feels like a marathon. And then I feel it all the next day.

So, I thought I would post something a little more upbeat to make amends for my missing a day… a little Tanka poem that I wrote a while back…

The blue sky above
Mirrors the still lake below
For humility
Reminding me of my place
Reflecting my purpose here

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