January Jumpstart Jan 2nd Writing


I have wanted to write since I was 9, when I combined words to make up titles for books for which I would some day be famous. The story would come from the title and I would magically become a writer. I’ve been working at it ever since… writing classes in high school and college and afterwards.

I write almost every day, although most people never see most of it. I put some on my blog, some on Medium, some on Facebook, I’ve self published two books, that didn’t go very far. I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month for nearly 20 years. And still I work at it.

I just read something in an issue of The New Yorker Magazine about writing that really captured my attention.

“The subjects were given a few sentences from a short story to copy verbatim, in order to establish a baseline (during a CATscan type of imaging), and were then told to ‘brainstorm’ for sixty seconds and then to continue writing ‘creatively’ for two more minutes. It was noted that during the brainstorming part of the test, magnetic imaging showed that the sensorimotor and visual areas were activated; once creative writing started, these areas were joined by the bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the left inferior frontal gyrus, the left thalamus, and the inferior temporal gyrus. In short, writing seems to be a whole brain activity… a brainstorm indeed.”*

I found this fascinating. I knew music used all parts of the brain which is what makes it such a great healing and learning tool. Now apparently, writing can and does the same thing.

Even more reasons to continue working at writing.

*The Next Word” by John Seabrook Oct 14, 2019 Issue of The New Yorker

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