January Jumpstart Jan 1 Goals for the Year

I don’t do resolutions as I see them as things people feel they MUST do based on other people’s opinions… I MUST lose weight. I MUST stop smoking. I MUST declutter this messy house. They tend to be vague and difficult to follow through on and the fear and guilt attached is overwhelming.

So, instead I choose to identify goals. The plus with this is that goals can be changed and updated throughout the year to keep them relevant and do able.

So my goals, for now, include the following:

*Finish at least one of the books that I’ve started writing.

*Publish at least one of the books I’ve finished writing.

*Write at least one blog post a day, more if possible.

*Get back to working on the various craft and needlework projects that I’ve started.

*Become more organized for the year so that birthday gifts and Christmas gets done on time.

*Work on a foreign language class daily… this year it is Dutch.

*Concentrate hard on being able to heal better now that I also have better doctors helping me.

*Find a new house to move into and get moved into it.

*Read 25 books for Goodreads Challenge

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