TMI Tuesday – December 31, 2019

What’s new?

Feel free to elaborate.

In 2019 did you
1. Get a new job? No… one of the perks of being retired. No alarms, no bosses, but unfortunately, no paycheck either.

2. Get a new haircut? YES! After years of having very long hair, down to my butt and longer, I finally got fed up and cut it all off. My hairdresser gives me a punked up look and I love it.

3. Get a new car? No, although I do dream of having a new car all the time.

4. Move? Not this year, but I’m hoping to have a new place in 2020.

5. Get a new romantic partner? Only in my fantasies.

6. Have a kid? Cough, gag, OMG, I sure hope not!!! There is a reason why women can’t get pregnant when they are almost 70!!

7. Take up a new hobby? Not this year… maybe next year.

In 2020, will you?
1. Get a new job? No
2. Get a new car? No
3. Take a risk? No

Bonus: What will be important to you in 2020, that wasn’t important in 2019? Hmmm… this is a damn good question and I’m not sure what the answer is. Because I spent ALL 2019 trying to solve all of my health problems, maybe I can spend all of 2020 assuming they will be solved so I can focus on things like getting organized, getting back to hobbies, finishing and publishing all of the books I’ve been writing for the past 20 years.

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