Stressful Christmas

After spending nearly an entire year fighting a leg ulcer, I really did believe that it would be healed by now. But nothing that we’ve tried has worked and now I have a very painful infection in the open wound. I’m on antibiotics that have finally helped with the pain, but not much else.

I’ve been awake all night, which is pretty normal for me, but what isn’t normal is that I can’t go to bed right now, which is also normal for me. It’s nearly 6am and I have to stay up to go to a doctor appointment in three hours. Who schedules a doctor’s appointment on Christmas Eve Day? Well, me, apparently. This is a new doctor and I’ve waited 6 weeks to get into see her and I need to refill some medications and hope that she will agree to two new ones for me.

I thought I would have energy to decorate the Christmas tree, but didn’t and don’t. All it has on it is white lights, which I guess is better than nothing.

I had hoped to have the energy to make a broccoli salad, but that idea went out the window too.

As it is I will be spending the rest of the day after seeing the doctor sleeping. And probably all day tomorrow, too.

Not a very Merry Christmas and it makes me sad.

4 thoughts on “Stressful Christmas

    1. Thank you. My appointment went better than expected and I finally have a renewed outlook on my health and for 2020. This doctor is amazing and it’s also renewed my faith on the medical industry which was taking a hit with every other doctor I had seen. Pain is easing and Christmas is looking brighter!!

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