Christmas RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness)

Give a senior the ‘gift’ of seeing Christmas lights

Invite a niece or nephew over for tea and sympathy

Donate to Habitat for Humanity so next year someone will have a home for

Arrange for a family conference call on Christmas Day

Anonymously mail money to someone who needs it

Adopt a senior citizen or grandparent.

Donate to the needy – money, clothes, food.

At the onset of colder weather, donate warm clothing, blankets, etc. for the homeless.

Invite a bunch of friends, family and neighbors to go Christmas Caroling
and end up back home for hot chocolate.

Take a small Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath, or grave blanket to the grave of a family member who died.

Visit a nursing home and take homemade cookies and little gifts to the residents.

Make a dedication on a local radio station to all those who smiled at strangers that day

Volunteer to answer phones for a suicide hotline

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