War on Christmas

They just don’t give up on this crap.

I am getting so sick of seeing Fox News and everyone in the Trump circle insisting that Obama and other Democrat presidents banned Christmas from the White House, because of course, we all know that all Liberal Democrats are godless people. Only some of us are.

And they “thank God for Donald Trump bringing Christmas back and making it okay to say Merry Christmas.”

It’s never been NOT okay to say Merry Christmas.

Obama didn’t ban Christmas and no, he is not a Muslim from Kenya. You can thank Donald Trump for that tidbit too.

No other president ever banned Christmas from the White House (see attached pictures).

If Christmas was banned, or even discouraged, would we being seeing 6 weeks of gift buying encouragement, non-stop Christmas music, lights draped everywhere, and every church on every corner planning elaborate Christmas programs?

If Christmas was banned, wouldn’t everyone have to work on Dec 25th?

You do notice that isn’t happening anywhere, especially in the United States.

There is no “War on Christmas”. This was a selfish attempt from Fox news to generate higher ratings. They thrive on controversy and depend on their viewers to believe everything they say. We all know that Trump does. If you believe this, you’ve been conned and gaslighted.

Christmas is as much a secular holiday as it is a religious holiday and it’s celebrated by people of many different cultures and nationalities. Christmas is NOT just an American holiday. And it’s isn’t solely a Christian holiday. Study your history!!

Anyone who believes otherwise have forgotten two important lessons from their childhood…

1. Share with others.
2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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