TMI Tuesday: December 3, 2019

1. What’s new with you?

Well, that depends on what time frame you are thinking of. The past day? The past week? The past month? The past year? The answer to almost all of them is the same, my health problems. Was it just four years ago when I could go anywhere and do anything? Will I ever see days like that again? Right now, just about the only place I go is to doctor appointments and that along with dealing with the health problems is getting tiring. One other thing that is new is that Friday is my birthday and I will turning 69. I’m guessing that is one of the reasons for my health problems.

2. What do most people get wrong about you?

They look at me and see a little old grandma type person. Yes, I am a grandma, but I am not a grandmotherly type person at all. My own grandmother was and she lived up to the term. Kinda. But for me there is a dark side, a kinky side, a witchy side. Come to think of it, there was with my grandmother too. Oh, the stories she would tell!!!

3. Who in your past would you like to have sex with again?

There is one guy named David with whom I had a one night stand with. I can remember it like it was yesterday and I’m even writing a book about it… slightly embellishing the experience some, but still true to what happened that night. It was the best sex I ever had and I’ve love to experience that again.

4. What do you always have time for?

Reading. And writing. And listening to music.

5. What is it about you that a lot of people comment on?

My curiosity. Some comment on my smile, which I don’t think is all that fantastic. And some on my eyes, which use to look a lot better. But most would say about how I’m always asking for details, of why, and who, and what, and where, and how, and still pushing for more details.

Bonus: Who has completely lost your respect?

This probably isn’t fair but it is what it is. I’ve lost respect for anyone who voted for Donald Trump because they showed that they will condone the sexism and racism, the lies and cheater, the bullying and even worse that they themselves embody many of these traits. The other are people who claim to be Christians and yet ignore all of the teachings of Jesus, so that they have become nothing more than hypocrites.

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