grump·yˈɡrəmpē/adjective bad-tempered and sulky.synonyms:

bad-temperedcrabbyill-temperedshort-tempered,crotchetytetchytestywaspishpricklytouchyirritable,irasciblecrustycantankerous, curmudgeonly, bearishsurly,ill-naturedchurlishill-humoredpeevishpettishcross,fractiousdisagreeablesnappish

I slept so well last night and even had wonderful dreams. I woke up feeling good, optimistic, very little pain.

Until I got online. Before I went to bed I had posted a picture from the past, about an event that immediately was trashed by two people who knew nothing about the what the event was about, “sharing” their “opinion” based on one word and one photo without knowing anything about what was going on.

I’ve always believed that a person’s opinion is about themselves. When you force that opinion on others, it becomes a judgment. And people tend to judge others and things that they don’t understand. 

In this day and age, when we have knowledge right at our fingertips, there is no excuse to be ignorant. And if you don’t know about something.. ASK!! Never assume. Assumptions lead to judgment. Judgment leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.
All I was trying to do share something from my past, a piece of history. It seems like these days, people look for something to criticize. It’s becoming the new national hobby.

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