Writing Goals

I set a goal to write every day in November. Both for NaNoWriMo and for a daily blog post. Here it is just November 2nd and I’ve already failed in that goal.

It’s hard to write when the only word that filters through your mind is “pain”. My health took a turn for the worst in August and I’ve been battling ever since to get back to normal.

It’s been a tough year healthwise for me this entire year. I thought by now I’d be better and not worse.

So from this point I will just do the best I can. Still making a goal of daily writing but do what I can when I can. Makes for a very frustrated writer.

3 thoughts on “Writing Goals

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with pain. It sounds like it has been a very rough year. It’s great to have a goal- even if for no other than it can be a helpful distraction from the pain, but don’t be hard on yourself if you miss some days. At the end of the day, your health and wellbeing come first. Sending you warm and healing wishes xx


    1. Thank you. It has been a tough year. But tonight I had very little pain and that’s something. The first time in weeks. Maybe I’m finally digging myself out of all of this mess. No, I won’t be too hard on myself. I’ll just take the good days as they come.

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