TMI Tuesday: Sept 3, 2019

1. When you’re old, would you rather die before or after your significant other?  It would depend on the situation. How old, how sick or well, where I was living. I know emotionally I tend to be stronger than most men I’ve been with.

2. Would you rather live at the top of a tall apartment building, in your favorite city, or at the top of a mountain? This is easy. I have a dream of living in a condo in the middle of downtown Seattle, near the Seahawk’s stadium, by whatever name they will be calling it by then. I already have the condo mentally decorated and a list of place I want to go to.

3. Would you rather have to sew all your clothes or grow your own food? Sew my clothes. If anyone had to depend on me growing food to eat, they would starve.

4. Would you rather have your debt forgiven or have guaranteed good health for a decade? Debt forgiven… then maybe I’d have enough money to buy good health. I actually had good health for a decade; no doctors, no drugs. It doesn’t mean much when it ends. Now I’m back on a handful of medications and seeing way too many doctors.

5. Would you rather take a bubble bath with your boss or fuck your neighbor? If I ever find a neighbor I’d want to fuck, that’s the direction I’d go in.

Bonus: Bonus: Would you rather have the details of your financial life or your love life be made public?  Oh, my love life… I would hope it would be much more tantalizing. But that’s probably just in my own imagination.

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