My World

The physical therapist has been “encouraging” me to walk more (but don’t overdo it) and to “go sit outside and get some sunshine and fresh air”.

So I did my little walk around the inside of my house… through the kitchen, into the dining room and back down the hall to my desk again.

After a short rest, I grabbed a small book and walked out to the deck and sat in the fresh air and read for a bit.

And then I just “observed” my world around me. It’s not a very big world… just the street in front of my house in my neighborhood.

There are high stratus clouds and lower cumulus clouds that look like they are trying collect moisture to turn into rain. In between there is a pale blue sky.

There isn’t much of a breeze and the clouds look like they are standing still. The birds are all silent.

The bulldozer across the street that has been making noise all morning is now quiet. There are no cars driving by. The only sound is two airplanes high up in the sky.

Our neighbors on both sides are gone off on a last of summer vacation. The neighbors across the street who are only here on vacation, are now here on vacation.

No visitors or delivers for us today, the first time all week. With all of the nurses, therapists and aides who come every week, I’m starting to get peopled out. It’s nice to have a free day. No therapy of any kind, including no oxygen therapy on my leg.

It feels like a vacation for me too.

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