A Long Month

It’s nearly September and this is the first time I’ve blogged in August this year. On July 31st, just before midnight, I was rushed to the hospital ER with a high temp, shortness of breath and my heart in AFib. When it was established that I had a massive infection somewhere and fluid in my lungs as well as adema, I was admitted to the ICU. I spent 9 days in the hospital, six of them in ICU. I’ve been home now for just about two weeks and I feel so tired, more than tired, exhausted. I’ve barely had any energy to read, much less write.

But I’m slowly making progress… finally off of the antibiotics, still on heart meds, blood thinners and a water pill that makes me have to pee every hour, including all night.

The most frustrating part of all of this is, are the many things we take for granted that we can no longer do. Lying in bed in the ICU, all I wanted to do was sit in a chair. When I was finally allowed to do that, nothing felt better than putting my feet flat down on the floor. And then came the craving for a shower, which I couldn’t do alone. I still need help to take a shower, which means it has to be planned ahead.

After that, all I wanted to do was to get back online. Since almost all of my online work happens on a desktop, I was gifted with a laptop to make it easier for me to do so from the hospital. That’s when I discovered I had no energy to type. I could only do enough to let my friends know where I was.

So now, I feel like an entire month has been wasted. Being sick is such a huge waste of time. But I’ve been told it could take me three more months to recover. That doesn’t make me happy.

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