Dreaming, Wishing, Hoping

I am a pacifist . I always have been. Although I realize that sometimes going to war is a last resort, I also know often there are other options. I don’t like guns, mostly due to a traumatic event with one. I would not try to tell people they shouldn’t own or use one, but I think too many people misinterpret the 2nd Amendment to fit their own agendas. Too many haven’t ever even read it. Same with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. All three need to be read, thought about, and studied including the history behind them. Most do not, they only listen to what others say about them, and most of those have never read it, thought about it, studied it either. We need to learn about our histories, from many different sources, not just what is said on the news, or on a webpage or blog, or from a Facebook meme. Learning anything from just one source is not learning.

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