4th of July Fireworks

This 4th of July, please be careful and considerate of others…

Fireworks can be very dangerous, especially this year with all of Washington state being in a drought condition and very high temperatures; we are not use to either.
Forest fires are a danger of fireworks, campfires and lightning. It can take weeks to get one of these under control.

Fireworks can cause the loss of people’s homes. When we lived in Lynnwood, we had a “neighbor from hell” who tried to burn our house down with fireworks. Here we have weekenders who come up here and forget that many of us live here year round. Our water situation is so bad that all neighbors know that if our houses catch on fire, they will burn to the ground.

Fireworks can cause bodily damage. How many kids (and adults) will end up at the ER, or worse in the ICU from one blowing up in their hand.

Fireworks are hard on pets and they will often run away to get away from the noise.

Fireworks can be traumatic for military personnel who are dealing with PTSD after returning home from a war conflict.

Under these situations, please really think if the few seconds of excitement is really worth the risks.

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