Tree of Life

No one had ever climbed the tree of life by going straight up the trunk, simply using the branches as irregular steps. Many have tried but you get to part where the tree no longer goes in a direct line.
Standing at the base of the tree on the ground and looking straight up to the heavens, it looks like an easy climb to the top. But half way up your climb reality hits and you realize you have some choices to make. Will this branch hold your weight? Would that direction be a fast way? After you select which direction you will take, and climb more, you suddenly encounter and limb that isn’t quite as strong as you had anticipated. It cracks, and then it cracks again. Oh no… now what should I do, you think. But fate has taken that decision literally out of your hands as the branch breaks and you fall back down to the ground.
With only your ego bruised, you pick yourself up again, dust off your hands and look back up the tree. This time you climb a little slower, a little more careful. Checking the strength of each branch before venturing forth. Picking your route with a little more care. And, then, a revelation hits and you understand that journey up the tree is nearly as important as destination.
So you stop and you look around at your surroundings. You notice this tree has flower buds on the ends of the thin branches. A glance in another direction shows that there is a bird’s nest with two birds watching your progress with great interest, wondering if you pose a threat to their new home.
And then you look down. You see the ground covered with fine green blades of grass, and then you are astonished at how far you have come from the time you started climb this tree of life.
Looking up, you wonder if there is anything else up there as comfortable as where you are now? Is getting to the top all there is? Would it be worth it? Why not stay right here and watch the buds open in their pink tipped glory? Why not help guard the bird’s nest and hope to be rewarded with the privilege of seeing the baby birds chip their way out of their eggshells?
Sometimes the best decision you can make while sitting on this particular branch of the tree of life, is to just stay right where you are and appreciate the view.
Cindi Wafstet© May 25th, 2006

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