Achieving Dreams (Every Day in June)

I have always been a list maker, even when I was a child. I’d make lists of books I wanted to read, books I wanted to write, places I wanted to go, things I wanted to try.

I still do this, although my lists have gotten longer.

At one point, I added goal making to my list making. I set goals and broke them down into action steps and then broke those down into even more detailed steps.

After a while I discovered I was spending all of my time making lists and goals and action steps, but I wasn’t accomplishing anything at all. No work was getting done.

When I sat back and reflected on this, I realized I accomplished much more by just going with my gut and when opportunities arose, by jumping in with both feet and just running with it. 

If I overthought things and planned too much, nothing happened. When I just let it happened, it seemed to the right thing for me to do at that time.

I still make lists. But I’m no longer obsessed with it. I’ve decided that if it was meant to happen for me, it will.

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